Friday, 3 August 2012

using crm parameters in ssrs

in the CRM we have some parameters:
called as Query parameters:

here we will get the parameters.

how we will see the parameters.

first create a Report in the CRM.

then click on edit. one window will open, in actions we have download report option.
down load the report.
it will down load with .rdl format.
open in BI. you will able to see the CRM parameters.

how to use this parameters:
if you want your the CRM_CurrencySymbol.
drag the parameter to the price table box.

if you want to use the CRM_URL
go to the perticular tab field.
go to tablex properities.
there in actions we have one option: go to URL
select that and give like:

=Parameters!CRM_URL.Value & "?ID={"&Fields!new_cooldrinkid.Value.ToString()&"}&LogicalName=new_cooldrink"

for syntax and more details:

here we will get the details how to use this parameter.

ssrs embedded into crm 2011 

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