Sunday, 3 February 2013

Connect CRM 2011 Online with SSRS

Connecting CRM 2011 online with SSRS.

in online service we have 2 choices.
1. CRM 2011 Online
2. CRM 2011 Office 365 (includes Free Trail Version)

CRM 2011 Online connection.

based on the above link we will get.
in credentials we need to give the Online account and password.

CRM 2011 Office 365.

first we need to create a report in crm 2011 and
click on edit,

in SSRS, take add existing item and add it.
do the manipulation again import into crm 2011.

if you want to use fetchxml for On primse version.
give the connection string like:

in credential take the window authentication.

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